THRIVE Life: THRIVE 4 Berry Cobbler with Paleo Biscuit Top

THRIVE 4 Berry Filling 1-cup THRIVE Blackberries 1-cup THRIVE Blueberries 1-cup THRIVE Raspberries 2-cups THRIVE Strawberries 1-Tbsp THRIVE Honey Crystals 2-cups Water 1/2 tsp. Vanilla Splenda to taste – I used 5 packets 1-tbsp Blanched Almond Flour for thickening Mix all ingredients together in a Ziploc bag and allow to re-hydrate while working on the biscuit dough. Basic Paleo Biscuit Dough ~ From … Continue reading

THRIVE Life: May 2013 Specials!

May 2013 Specials Blueberries Celery Green Beans Tomato Powder Non-Fat Powdered Milk Elbow Macaroni Instant Brown Rice Black Beans Roast Beef Southwest Style Chicken and Rice (5-pack) Pantry 51″ Food Rotation System A Year’s Supply in 7 Days Book Emergency Tinder Sticks Q-Pon Items for May 2013 Instant Pinto Beans THRIVE Smart Start 200