THRIVE Life: Lemon Bars ~ Paleo Style

Ingredients: For the crust… 2 cups Almond Flour 1/4 cup Honey or I used THRIVE Honey Crystals – reconstituted 1/2 melted Coconut Oil 2 tbsp Coconut Flour 2 Eggs or THRIVE Whole Egg Powder – reconstituted For the Lemon Filling… 6 Eggs or THRIVE Whole Egg Powder – reconstituted 1 cup of fresh Lemon Juice – … Continue reading

THRIVE Life: Big Bold Beef Breakfast Bake!

Ingredients: 12 Eggs (gathered from my hens this morning) or THRIVE Whole Egg Powder – reconstituted 1 Can Salsa (14.5oz can) Use whatever is your favorite. I used Raley’s California Fire Roasted Salsa. 2 small cans Diced Green Chiles or THRIVE Green Chiles – reconstituted, probably 1/2 cup would do. 1 small can Lindsay Sliced … Continue reading

THRIVE Life: June Specials

Order It Now! Blackberries (FD) Raspberries (FD) Green Peas (FD) Mushroom Pieces (FD) Ground Beef (FD) Ham TVP Instant Red Beans White Sugar Simply Peach Drink Garden Fresh Vegetable Pasta (5pk) Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bar THRIVE Smart Start 200 Harvest 39″ #10 Hastings Dome Tent Water Filtration Pump

THRIVE Life: THRIVE 4 Berry Cobbler with Paleo Biscuit Top

THRIVE 4 Berry Filling 1-cup THRIVE Blackberries 1-cup THRIVE Blueberries 1-cup THRIVE Raspberries 2-cups THRIVE Strawberries 1-Tbsp THRIVE Honey Crystals 2-cups Water 1/2 tsp. Vanilla Splenda to taste – I used 5 packets 1-tbsp Blanched Almond Flour for thickening Mix all ingredients together in a Ziploc bag and allow to re-hydrate while working on the biscuit dough. Basic Paleo Biscuit Dough ~ From … Continue reading