THRIVE Life: Water Brick

WaterBricks are a wonderful solution to convenient storage. The conical supports inside a Waterbrick allow enough support to stack them 4 feet high in your home or garage. The easy interlocking technology allows you to store more is less space. Since they are impenetrable, unlike canvas bags, WaterBricks are a solution for storing food items. … Continue reading

THRIVE Life: THRIVE Salsa ~ from Chef Todd

THRIVE Ingredients into the ziplock Add water to reconstitute… Ready for the fridge and a few hours later … THRIVE Salsa ~ from Chef Todd Ingredients: 3 cups Thrive Tomato Dices 1/2 cup THRIVE Green Chile Peppers 1/2 cup THRIVE Sweet Corn 1/4 cup THRIVE Chopped Onion 1/4 cup THRIVE Red and Green Bell Peppers … Continue reading