Shelf Reliance: Providence Basic Travel Two Person 72-hour Emergency Kit


This two-person 72 hour travel kit is ideal for people who are frequently away from home.  Store this kit in a suitcase, car, or backpack and you will always be prepared wherever you may go. The kit includes:

• 2 Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bags
• 2 Ponchos
• 1 First Aid and CPR Booklet
• 2 Whistles
• 2 Heat Packs
• 2 Brightsticks
• 1 Omegalight Shake Flashlight
• 1 Gear Bag
• 1 Auto Emergency Case
• 1 Jumper Cables
• 12 Aqua Blox Water Boxes
• 6 2400 Calorie Bars
• 1 Wet Naps
• 1 Tissue Pack

Click here to order now!

To create a customized kit tailored to your specific needs, visit our Emergency Kit Planner.

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