Thrive Life: New Thrive Seasonings!

New THRIVE Seasonings feature our 9 herbs and seasoning blends. Our herbs are instantly freeze dried so you get the great flavor of fresh herbs without all the hassle of chopping and preparing. Use the same amount of freeze dried herbs as you would with fresh herbs to sprinkle irresistible THRIVE flavor into any dish! … Continue reading

Thrive Life: New Thrive Sauces!

Try all our delicious THRIVE Sauces with the THRIVE Sauce Variety Pack. This pack provides you with the four basic mother sauces that are the foundation for virtually an sauce, soup, or filling! Made from the highest quality ingredients to achieve a superior taste experience, THRIVE Sauces are the quick and easy way to turn … Continue reading

Shelf Reliance is now Thrive Life!

New Name, Same Passion When Shelf Reliance started in 2004, it was founded upon principles of self-reliance and the invention of the Food Rotation System. But as we’ve grown over the years, our vision has expanded. Our passion has evolved into helping our consultants and customers create thriving lives around the world, and doing that … Continue reading