Shelf Reliance – THRIVE Fruit Variety (10) Pack Pantry Cans Sale Price $111.99


The THRIVE™ Fruit Variety Pack is a perfect way to sample all our most popular THRIVE Fruits. With THRIVE, you can have the delicious taste of sun-ripened fruit any time of year. The extended shelf life means you don’t have to worry about spoilage, and they taste great as a sweet snack straight from the can or thrown into yogurt, granola, or oatmeal. Make all your favorite desserts with the irresistible, naturally sweet flavor of THRIVE fruits!

The THRIVE Fruit Variety Pack includes 10 pantry cans, one of each of the following:

Fuji Apple Slices(FD)

Apricots (FD)

Banana Slices (FD)

Blackberries (FD)

Blueberries (FD)

Mangoes (FD)

Peach Slices (FD)

Pineapple Chunks (FD)

Raspberries (FD)

Strawberries (FD)

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