Why Store Food

Why Store Food?

by Shelfreliance Staff Sep 18 2009

Does it seem like everyone is making a big deal about storing food? For many, the issue may seem hardly worth addressing. After all, we live in a country known for being the “land of plenty.” It is sometimes hard to imagine that one day we could find ourselves in a situation that would require us to rely upon the food we have stored in order to provide for our families.

Determining every possible reason to have food storage is an impossible task; however, one need only take a look around our volatile planet to sample some of the many disasters of our time. In the spirit of optimism, more likely reasons to store food may be the least obvious. We never know when unplanned interruptions of life may befall us such as the unexpected loss of income due to a layoff or injury.

Reasons to Rely Upon Food Storage:

• Natural Disaster
• Terrorism
• Labor Strike
• Economic Depression
• Drought
• Crop Failure
• Personal Tragedy
• Civil Unrest

• Unemployment

What do I Need for Food Storage?

Water.  Although a person can survive as long as two weeks without food, the human body wasn’t designed to go long without water. Depending on the conditions and surrounding environment, this could be as little one day. Use any of our water storage containers to hold your water supply.

. When it comes to food storage, the first rule to remember is to store the food you eat and eat the food you store. This concept helped us develop what we call our Food Storage Rotation Systems™. Because all food has a shelf life, these systems will help you effectively rotate your food and protect your investment. We also offer the basic foods needed to sustain life. The food you eat during an emergency has a dramatic impact upon the psychological well being of those affected. Use our Food Storage Calculator to determine how much to store for you and your family.


Emergency Preparedness. We offer a range of emergency supplies and 72-hour kits that can be customized to match the needs of your family. Use ourEmergency Planner to determine the items you will need for a specified amount of time.
Decide Today to Start Preparing

How do you start? The thought of preparing your family for an emergency may appear somewhat daunting at first. Our line of products is designed to help your family start with the most essential items needed during an emergency. Have you used any of the following excuses for not having food storage?


• I don’t know where or how to start my food storage.
• I don’t know what foods to store.
• I’m not sure what to do with 100 lbs. of wheat, rice, and beans.
• I can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for boxes of food storage.
• I have no means of rotating my food storage.
• I simply don’t have time.

• I don’t know how to cook with food storage.


We Make Food Storage Easy!

By becoming a member of Shelf Reliance, we provide you with tips that make food storage easy. Here are some examples of tips that can help you get started:

• Store the foods you like to eat! After all, if all you had to eat was whole wheat and lima beans, would you want to survive anyway? Our THRIVE Kitchenprovides simple and easy solutions to cooking with Food Storage.

• Build your storage at your own pace. Buy a few extra of something you find on sale at the store. Spending a few dollars a week at the store is more manageable than buying all of your storage at once. Shelf Reliance has a program called the THRIVE Q, where you can receive monthly shipments of the foods you want, at a price you determine. There is no commitment and you can adjust your monthly budget if your circumstances change.

• Let Shelf Reliance FRS systems rotate your food for you.

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